Trying to find time for your hobbies amidst the daily hustle? Read this...

You'll meet people who'll tell you stories about 'their good old days of dancing' or 'the time they won a baking contest.' And then you'll meet people interested in 'starting a music class' or 'becoming a blogger.' In fact, 8 out of 10 people you'll meet daily will have stories/ideas to tell around their hobbies but you’ll hardly meet any who act upon it. Crazy, right? Or maybe not? Aren't we all guilty of the same?

Yes, indeed, 'we're all busy' and 'there's so much going on in our lives.' But is it impossible to pick up those interests from the back burner and put it in the frontline alongside everything else that's important?

Well, not at all! Honestly, if you have a hobby that makes your heart flutter and is something that brings you joy, all you need to do is make time for it. Whether it's a newfound interest or a long lost love, it's always possible to start/restart indulging in it.

And here's 'how' you can make time for your hobbies even amidst all the daily hustle:

Just kidding,

Start by figuring out the 'time' you waste:

Yes, the number of scrolls on Instagram and the hours you 'act dead' on the couch, everything counts! And so does the endless window shopping gimmicks and the time you spent deciding the 'new TV show' to watch. No matter how busy and productive you get at work, there's a chunk of time that you waste before/after that. Believe it or not, most of us have that 'lazy time' that we slack off as a treat to ourselves. While relaxation is a beautiful treat, learning to balance leisure, work & passion together is the actual deal.

Your hobbies deserve the 'me-time' space better than a clueless 'downswing.' So put that phone down, cut down the 'doing nothing' hours and focus on something that you love instead. And once you start going out for that painting class or enrol for the beginner guitar lessons, you'll realize that the time you waste always comes with a beautiful substitute that you need to choose. And even if all the time you waste daily sums up to fifteen minutes of the day, it's still a great start!

Then, rediscover the concept of 'breaks':

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." How would you feel if your '9-5' work schedule had zero breaks in between? Now apply the same logic in the hours you allocate for life beyond work. Start by asking yourself, "When was the last time you assigned yourself a break in your day-to-day activities?" Take a moment out and question, "When was the last time you did something you loved amidst a full-working spree?" Well, I hope it's not long enough for you to remember, at least.

Whether it's learning an instrument or writing a script or hitting the gym for the perfect body, most of us are passionate about something. While being passionate is a beautiful concept, the real deal is to steal time out of our heavy schedules to indulge in it. The worst you can do is 'be like Jack' at this very moment. And the best you can do is allow yourself a 'recess period' in between your daily things. Considering time-off between two important works not only allocates time for things you enjoy but also maximizes your productivity. Let's just say, it's a win-win deal!

Also, work on a revamped 'To-Do' plan:

The schedules you make for yourself have to change and only for the better. Yes, you heard us right. Most of us are so busy in our heads than in actual space that we commit to things that are not even necessary. Consider asking yourself: "Do I really need to do so many things?" or "Do I have some time in-between to commit to a hobby?"

While 'living in the moment' is important, a backup schedule is a total saviour. More because a plan keeps you away from procrastination, helps you focus on what's actually important and makes way for the things you love. Make a list of activities that are utmost important and prioritize a mini section for 'your hobbies' in it. The best way to balance them both is to create a goal list for the day or the week. Once you make your mind to reschedule and keep your 'to-do' list flexible, you'll eventually end up doing more and indulging in your interests better.

And always, like always,
Set lower benchmarks for a start:

Yes, an hour everyday sounds perfect! But is it realistic? Indulging every day is also a beautiful start, but can you actually do it? If no, then cut yourself some slack already! Statistically speaking, overestimation and higher benchmarks are one of the prime reasons behind people opting out of a hobby. Your hobbies do not necessarily have to be the biggest priority. So if you're always afraid of keeping up, then the chances are you'll never make time for it.

What should you do instead? Commit only to a schedule that you can keep up with. Allow yourself short-bursts of the hobby that excites you. Even if it's 20 minutes daily or just the weekends, it's okay for you to start indulging into a hobby.
For example, if you're keen about learning the guitar, start by joining a weekend class. Or if you don't have the time for a yoga workshop every alternate day, limit it to twice a week. Going slow not only keeps the bar low and happy but also gives you an ample amount of time to adjust to the revamped routine. After all, spending some time is always better than not spending any!

Also, your hobbies are not a one-day affair. So if you're impatient about the results, then the chances are that you'll never enjoy the journey. Remember, everything out of passion takes its sweet time to hone and develop. You are allowed yourself the leisure to choose your graph. Don't beat yourself up for missed classes or a substantial gap amidst schedules. Instead, focus on nurturing your hobby and stay true to your inner calling. And most importantly, remember, the goal is to 'make time' and not stress about it. If you are interested in learning guitar or other music instruments check products available on rent here.You can also find music instrument trainers on SeezIt here.