Why you need to opt for a hobby today

Ping an artist on Instagram and ask a question on his/her art. Stop by a musician playing in a cafe to pass a compliment. Comment on a video of a budding fitness model to praise their technique. And you'll find them reciprocate with the same passion and love towards their hobby. Gone are the days when hobbies were an optional aspect of our lifestyles. Today, they are not only an integral part but also, the driving force for self-acceptance and enlightenment towards goals. People may ask, "What you do for a living?", but what really matters now is "What you do for yourself?" And thankfully, with every passing day, we are realizing the importance and the impact of hobbies in our lives. But then again, the realisations come pretty late or are often sacrificed. Either you're too busy to go to a guitar class or you're too old to start singing again. People often hide behind reasons to let go off hobbies that they'll enjoy the most. So if you're someone still struggling to decide whether you need a hobby or not, let us tell you, everybody needs ONE. And here are four reasons why you must definitely opt a hobby today:

To kickstart your personal growth

Worried about your personal growth? Break the monotony of your mechanised life by inculcating hobbies that allow you to venture in self-concepts beyond your day-to-day activities. Hobbies help you gain new perspectives about yourself and take a step closer to the driving force within you. For example, if paintings and poetries interest you, you must have discovered creativity as a driving force in your personality. Similarly, if you did not enjoy the sports camp last summer, you surely know by now that athletics is not your forte.

Yes, hobbies make you self aware and encourage you to feel better about yourself. So by inculcating them, you learn to channelize your energy towards growth that best compliments you and not the social standards levied on you. In fact, once you decide on pursuing a hobby, you also learn to be more focused and directed towards all that you do in life by the sheer dedication you put in it. So if you’re not really sure about the things that are best for you, hobbies are a perfect way to find out and kickstart your personal development goals.

To improve your mental health

Imagine a rough day at work. What do you do after you’re home? Lie down? Eat an ice cream? Does that make you feel better? Yes sure, it does. But for how long? Now imagine heading to a guitar class or maybe baking a cake instead. While the former methods offer comfort, they are just a means of distraction and not the solution itself. But when you do something you enjoy, your stress levels go down drastically.

Not just that, when you invest yourself in hobbies, you also realize that your personality does not revolve only around the ‘work you do.’ You realize that you’re not just an employee somewhere, but also a baker or a guitarist or someone beyond your 'work identity'. This feeling right there is what helps you embrace yourself. You feel lighter and more motivated on a daily basis. So much that you end up ‘practising your hobbies every day to keep mental health issues at bay!’

To boost creativity and productivity

Let’s talk about the days when you’re out of work and are bored out of your mind! What do you do? Almost 80% of us react to extra time by whiling it away and regretting it later. And that is exactly why a hobby is a must in this case. For when you adopt a hobby, you invest your time away from work in exploring and learning it better while enjoying it as much. You don’t waste your time deciding a task or doing nothing. You instead work towards it. No matter what hobby you choose, you add a skill. Thus, increasing your productivity a notch higher in general.

Hobbies also boost the creative side of you. Whether it’s the painter in you or the singer or the chef, your creativity boosts up daily when you do anything beyond the regular work you’re assigned to. Hobbies allow you to ask newer questions and embrace newer approaches to the same thing by the passion you hold for it. So the next time you eat a beautiful variation of the simple ‘pancake’ or listen to a marvellous rendition of ‘the song you love’, you know there’s someone out there practising their hobby right!

To instil discipline and grow your network

Ask anybody why they don’t pursue a hobby, and the answer would be ‘lack of time.’ But when you think of it the other way around, hobbies instead challenge your ability to make the most out of the limited time. Believe it or not, things take as much time as you have. So when you fit your hobbies into your daily & weekly schedules, you learn to prioritize and discipline yourself a tad better in life. Schedules also make you more productive by helping you not linger over a task for too long. You learn to structure your routines and also include consistency which further is a great skill-set for the working world.

Hobbies also help you foster new social connections. Connections are often built over similar passion and shared interests, and hobbies help you develop them. Almost every hobby you choose has other people practising it. If you don’t believe us now, simply type out your hobby on social platforms and find out for yourself. You’ll be amazed to find the number of groups and committees socialising on similar grounds as what you stand for. And if you have the passion for what you’re doing, it's a cakewalk to join in!

Now that you've made up your mind to start the journey at least, we advise you to start slow. The beginning is always the most difficult phase and hence, it is important for you to hold on. Remember, that every good thing takes time, and so shall your hobby. Start by exploring your interests, note them down and listen to your calling. Don't give up in a few tries, instead work towards making it a habit. For once you have a hobby for real, life is less stressful and more balanced for real too.